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is the custom to stiff for jibbing and...

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is the custom to stiff for jibbing and rails ?

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Nope. It will hold up just fine. Although if you're more into rails and low speed stuff I'd go for a softer board like the Blunt, Fix or Dominat. Your buddies might show you up when it comes to presses and butters when you ride the Custom, but you'll stick it to them when you go out of bounds.

The Custom is an all mountain freestyle board: Do it all and brag about it later.

Also, this years color choice is hot. Reminds me of the 05-ish Tech Nine Boznuts. Mmmm.

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I would agree, its definitely not to stiff to press... unless you weight like 70 lbs, then maybe. ha-ha. Its an awesome go-anywhere, do anything board! Definitely drop in on Some Softer flexing EST bindings like the Exile or Malavita to help soften your ride and max out your pressability.

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boards for jibbing are all about your preference. i would say yes. when i jib i like soft buttery boards. but like i said its all preference. i know people that rally stiff boards everywhere and vice versa.