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is this pack a good choice for everyday...

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is this pack a good choice for everyday use like at school, and not just on the slopes because while i do ski, i don't do anything very hardcore?

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Hey Alli,

I have the men's version and my girl has this one.

I bring my to work with me everyday and it works pretty well. Depending on how many books you plan on hauling to and from class, this bag should also work for you.

If you plan on hauling 3 textbooks, 2 binders, a couple notebooks and your TI-83 calculator, it might be a little small.

Nonetheless, it's a bad ass bag and looks really good.

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I use this one daily for my treks around campus. I only generally have a binder, a textbook or two, some random electronics, etc. and it works great. It definitely isn't bottomless, but it does have a nice pocket on the front for pencils, pens, old sticks of gum, and the like. The main compartment can easily hold 2 textbooks and the top "goggle" pocket is fleece lined and can store an iPod, phone, etc. The water bottle pocket is great too if you get thirsty throughout the day.