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not sure would b best a park star, sk8...

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not sure would b best a park star, sk8 banana, chiborg, any help would b good i ride a bit of park rails, jumps buttery tricks but also like the pow pow

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The word "best" is subjective. The three boards you've listed are all good but with different areas of expertise.

Since powder came last on your list I would recommend the Parkstar. It has enough snaps for ollies and the rocker is only on tip and tail so you can butter the hell out of it while still being stable on big obstacles. It's a playful allround board with a rail oriented approach.

If powder is Alpha & Omega I'd go for the Banana. The aggressive rocker between the bindings makes it float really well in powder but with less control in grooms and of big obstetrical in the park. The Banana is a buttery allround board with a out of bounds approach.

The Chiborg I know little about so I can't really comment on it. If it has the rocker between your feet it will be similar to the Banana, if it's a "park rocker" it probably rides like the Parkstar.

Given that there are way more park days than powder where I live I'd go for the Parkstar.