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ok so im 160 im 5'10 and i measured myself...

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ok so im 160 im 5'10 and i measured myself and it looks like i should be a small? i dnt like big coats i like slim, but small dont seem right? is it correct??

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What's up Darren, hmm this is a tricky one. I'm 6 feet tall, 160 and I have a large airblaster jacket from this year. I'm happy with the size and it fits properly. I suggest trying out the medium Toaster over the small and here's why:
1) layering. It takes up a lot of room underneath your jacket. your measurements against your skin aren't the same as measurements with all your layers on.
2) freedom of movement. With the small, you run the risk of the jacket being too tight between the shoulders (like when strapping in) and the arms might be too short.
3) contrary to the sizing chart, my first instinct is that you're a medium and not a small.

So, go medium. Put your layers, gloves and snowpants on and see how it fits. bend over like you're strapping in. comfy in the armpits? enough room in the shoulders? And if it's just way too big, we have a hassle free return policy!