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okay, my kid is tall (about 5'11"), on the...

okay, my kid is tall (about 5'11"), on the slim side (160 or so) has size 12 mens Salomon boots. he's pretty competent on a rental board, isn't really into doing tricks. What would be a good size board and can you recommend bindings? he'd be very happy to get a new board for his 15th bday.

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well he sounds like a beginner so i would say stay away form Technine boards because on average they are more of a heavy board. If he isn't doing tricks i would say a 158or 157 would be a good starting point for a board but if he wants to get more in to park riding or ticks i would say a 156 or 155 would be your best bet. And as far as boards go i would recommend......

Ride DH
its a little more advance for a first board but it is also one of the best boards out there

Ride Crush
its a little softer and its a "rocker" style snowboard witch makes it a good beginning board because it will be soft and forgiving board

This is the board i personally ride right now its great true twin and this year's is zero camber so it is also vary forgiving and fun to learn on.

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You also might want to consider going for a Wide snowboard because at a size 12 he's is right on the edge of needing a Wide board and if you get him started on a wide board it should then having him switch after he gets more experienced.
As far as bindings go i would highly recommend the......
Rome 390's
Any thing "Union" brand if you can find the right size at this point in the season
or Ride Contrabands
.... he will need a L/XL size for his boots....... hope that helped

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I don't know where ben is getting his info from, but Technine boards are definitely not heavy. With full poplar wood cores, and some w/ honeycore air cutout the center, the Technine line of products offers something for everyone. Read one of the comments above regarding how light and fun this board really is!

I would suggest going with:

This is a wider board to accommodate your sons size 12 foot. now he has more board under his feet, and should be able to have more control, while learning.

For bindings, i suggest:

A lighter, beginner binding, and great for all riding styles! size 12 should be good in a size L.

Enjoy the shred!