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these or the contacts? Spend most of my...

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these or the contacts? Spend most of my time in the park so i feel the contacts are a better fit...but the forces seem like a more solid, better quality binding.
any suggestions?

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Actually they're both made from DUPONT Zytel nylon so i dunno what mic is talkin about. Forces are great do it all binding and the contacts are good but excel in the park and jibbing.

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if you ride a lot (Which is always good!) they will feel better and better all the time, the contacts are nice but overall in the park if you get used to the added response in the forces you will never want anything else, the contacts would be great if you didn't want too much response or if you aren't strong or heavy enough to tweak the way you want to, hope that helps!

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i used to have the same question so i now own both, i have the forces from three years ago and last years contacts and i'd sell you my contacts in a heartbeat so i could pick up a new pair of forces, in fact i'd sell them to you so i could pick up another 3 year old pair of forces. they're that much better