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was wondering what size to get? i wear a...

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was wondering what size to get? i wear a size 10

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9.5 for sure, snowboard boot padding packs in like a mofo, the last thing you want is your foot slideing around giving you heal lift. 9.5 or smaller my friend, and if you have a local board shop go there and just try on a pair of 32's, which everyones they have just to get a feel for em. The other day i went to my board shop and tried on a 8 and they were way to small so i went to size 8.5 which is half a size smaller than my street shoes and they fit like a dream. So go to the store try on the boots lean forward in them and if your heal lifts more then a deck of cards ya gotta go smaller.

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you deff should go to a shop and try on a pair or two...the perfict fit is one where the toes BAIRLY touch the end of the boot while standing straight and when you flex forward the gap between toe and boot should open up and have no contact