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what is better for the park? the lib tech...

what is better for the park? the lib tech skate bannana or the burton hero

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The Hero is absolutely insane... You put EST's on it and you will be hammering jibs and jumps for days. I guarantee that your first few days on it will grow your trick repertoire by at least 30%. The best flex and feel you can ever imagine. And it doesn't wash out; it holds a solid edge! Front boards for days, son!

They board is so so so money!!!!!!

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you may have already bought a board by now but the answer to your question is the hero. the skate banana is an all-mountain board. it is heavier, stiffer, and will rip through anything while glued to the mountain, including ice and chop because of the magne-traction. the hero is a light board, super easy to butter, with lots of pop even though it has reverse camber. the one downside to the hero is that it will chatter at speed, but you cant have it all. the thing is so ready to ollie and pop its like it is constantly winding up. i demoed a bunch of boards and ended up buying the hero. if you are looking for a board that is super fun to butter, easy to press with, and lots of pop the hero is for you. if you want a board that will rip up the entire mountain the skate banana is for you.