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..what is the s camber?? are they like the...

..what is the s camber?? are they like the banana boards (surfboard style bottom curve??)

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Hi Todd,
S camber is not like banana camber. S camber engages when weight is put on the board, pulling the nose up for epic POW riding. Hope this helps, it's a great board and what I ride probably 50% of the time here in Utah!

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See how he said 50% of the time... LOL. The answer is simple... due to the 10 year patent rights that Lib Tech has on their BTX (banana technology) nothing is like the banana camber... the closest thing you will be able to find without actually getting a board from lib tech is gnu's version... Rome, Never Summer, Capita, Burton, K2, they all have their versions of the reverse camber technology but since they cant use the banana tech... its almost like quiznos trying to make subways cold cut sub without one key piece or ingredient (for legal purposes)... thats why your gunna see a lot of companys with the "STEP ROCKER" or "REVERSE CAMBER" technology... plain and simple BANANA TECHNOLOGY is going to change the game forever, if your not riding it its almost like your working with dial up while everyone is running with dsl or cable... your just getting left behind

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S-camber is rocker in the nose and camber between the bindings. The rocker gives you even more lift to the nose of the board in the deep fluffy white stuff, which makes it even easier on your back leg, above and beyond the powder-float programmed into the original Fish shape. The camber in the tail keeps you on track on the short stretches of piste between the trees and the chairlift, or on north face ice chutes, heaven help you. Banana traction is good stuff, but it isn't the internet to everyone else's Model T Ford. The S-rocker is good stuff and the Fish has been putting smiles on Terje Haakonsen's face since he helped design it 6-7 years ago. Don't knock until you've tried it on a deep day. And don't spread misinformation: Gnu uses the same Banana Tech Lib Tech does, since they are both made by the same company--Mervin Mfg. Roxy boards, too.