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which board has a softer flex custom vrocker...

which board has a softer flex custom vrocker or regular custom? Other board suggestions are fine.

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The flex rating for the custom is a 5, and the V-Rocker custom is a 4. Both decks are crazy fun. The custom is a great all around board. If you are looking to purchase one board. This is a wise choice.

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although you probably won't be able to find it at this point in the season, the lib tech T Rice is a better board, it will outride the custom anywhere on the mountain. C2 BTX in the T rice is a much better rocker design than v rocker for an all mountain board... it is more stable and gives you more pop plus theres magnatraction which cuts through any snow like butter

ride whats left of the season on what you got and pick up a t rice next summer, you will be glad you did then after riding the t rice for a little while find somebody you know with a custom have them let you borrow it for a little bit and ride it, you will see how much better the t rice is after 1 run on the custom

one more thing that the t rice gives you is the freedom of using whatever bindings you want, and the best bindings out there are not made by burton. Union forces or any union binding are bombproof and lighter than anything else