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Gear Question

which board should i get? the K2 WWW or...

which board should i get? the K2 WWW or the DC PBJ?

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wow, lots of letters there haha...i say WWW, why? ur not paying for the DC name, and K2's been at the game for a while now

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they are really similiar boards but look at the price tag on this baby 100 bucks thats too cheap to even think about it

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yeah deff go with the weapon. these boards are nice but dc needs some time to get things rollin with there boards. and k2 has been killing it fer a bit now. dc's outerwear is money thou

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that really depends on what you want to ride

if your riding mostly rails you'll wanna get the weapon but if you want something a little more solid go with the pbj it's a little stiffer so youll be able to do a little more of everything

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neither. i have an 09 www 152 and the pbj 155. weapon is way too soft for anything but rails. the pbj feels a bit heavy for some reason when you try to throw it around. and its a tad too stiff for rails but its suuuuppperr poppy. but thats just me. boards ride different for different people. you might be okay if you size down a bit.