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title says it all,, hope it comes included with these binders @ $400 a pOp,, lol..//

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Not too impressed with the quality of the binder. The framing looks extremely cheap with flaws in the material. One day and the clear coat on the carbon flaked off (all the way to the carbon,) and one buckle spring broke. The toe strap also falls off the end of my boot at random and I don't notice it until I cant turn and almost kamikaze into a tree. I wold not feel safe with the bindings in the park. No matter where I put the strap it would slide off and be useless. The buckles are pretty awkward to undo, never really got them to pop off as easy as id like.

Things I do like is the forward lean. The binding at its most leaned back position has a lot of forward lean than what I was used to, something that I eventually began to love. The fact that the binding is light as hell does come into play. Also the base plate that covers the turn tables doesn't collect ice making an easier strap in. But both aspects that I like you can find with another binding + a few grams of weight. I would not buy these again if I was paid to.