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Gear Review

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A good binding

I bought the cinch ctx bindings for my second board. I have last years Burton C60's on my primary board so that's what I have to compare with. Overall build quality seems to be great, definatly equal to the c60s. The cinch part of the bindings is AMAZING. Not only does it beat the c60s, it beats every binding ever made. It is also NOT a FLOW. When "cinched up" it is identical to a normal strap in binding. It works flawlessly. When they first came out of the box and I started playing with them I thought it was going to take more force than I wanted to give just to put on my bindings. However, once they were on my board and I had my foot in them it wasn't very difficult at all. The only negative I have found in them is the toe cap strap. It's not. It's a normal toe strap that was placed at a 45 degree angle. On the c60's the cap strap is molded to fit over the front of a boot. On the ctx it's a flat strap. Also, to make it easier to slide in and cinch up the toe strap doesn't move. Depending on what boot you have and what size boot it can create akward placement that doesn't work well.