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A world of difference!

I used to own a pair of binding that I was constantly having to sit down to strap in. These binding definitely save the cold wet bum!

I don't ride park, but was looking so a set of bindings that I could get into quickly and easily. I was also looking for a set of bindings that would stand up to my size (6'9" and 300lbs). I have used them 3 days and love everything about them. The closed toe has made a big difference in controlling my heel edge. The stepping into the back of the binding took a little getting use to, but by the 3rd day was a piece of cake.

The ability to preset all of your straps and just flip the heel up, lock the heel and lock your mid foot is the biggest asset to me. Getting in is simple and quick with no sit down.

The only down side is the toe cap slipping up a little. I have only used them 3 days, so I am sure it is only a small adjustment that I am missing. I also don't know how they will hold up in the park, but they hold up great for the free ride. I am sure that they would hold up in park. aluminum construction is top notch!

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How did you stop the toe strap slipping up. I've started using these and have the same issue? Thanks

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I had the problem with the toe cap slipping and not fitting tight to the boot even when set to the tightest position. I took it to my local shop and they replaced the plastic pieces with ones that were one size smaller to bring the toe in further and it worked like a charm.