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Absolutely Great

I have been riding all-mountain, big-mountain, and side-country snowboarding for around 10 years now. I recently switched to the YES Greats shortly following my first experience with riding a YES snowboard (the BigCity). First let me say this: I have never in my life riddin a better brand of board than YES. (ive tried LibTech, Burton, NeverSummer, Capita, Rome, DC, K2, Rossignol, Lamar, and quite a few others) In terms of construction, durability, and all around ride-ability, YES snowboards is like going from standing on a 6 inch 6 foot plank to riding a futuristic hoverboard. Nuff Said.

-YES Greats 158
-Union Atlas Bindings
-Rider weight: 160
-Rider height: 6 foot
-Rider Direction: Regular
-Stance: Centered (+12 -12)
GREATS TECH AND SPECS: The asymmetrical sidecut is life changing. You go from having to put a good steady weight on your back edge to get it to engage (on a normal board). To only minor lean and body position adjustments to engage the back edge (on the greats). This gives you an enormous boost of maneuverability and quite a bit of extra power on turns, carves, and pops. The Ultimate Grip serrated edge will grab onto ANYTHING including pure ice. The camrock on this board is perfected to the point where the board has enormous amount of pop on demand while still being playfull and flexible enough to butter and jib. The flex on the greats leans slightly toward the medium-stiff range. The overall tip to tail flex is medium stiff which gives control and stability at speed, enormous pop, and a nice lively riding feel. The stiffness tapers off toward the tip and tail to allow for nice smooth butters, wicked manuals,and incredible float in pow. The board is also quite flexible toe to heel which makes carving and highs peed maneuvers effortless. The base is extremely durable so you can rest assured those little sharks wont bite you. The base is also very very fast and holds wax well.

OVERALL PERFORMANCE: I have been riding the 58 in Park City, UT for most of the season. We have seen a wide range of conditions from ice sheets to slushy wet snow to fresh pow and everywhere in between. This board HANDLES IT ALL with ease and confidence. The serrated edges give you an exceptional hold on iced out snow and straight ice sheets. In terms of actually snow ride-ability the Greats excels in all types of snow. On old crusty snow the Greats will cut in and find the lighter snow underneath for you to grab on to which kills a lot of quiver while high speed charging. In the deeps the Greats turns into a crazy hoverboard with a nice surfy feel. This board floats effortlessly on top of the deep pow and leaves you with a sense of flying while your spraying pow at your buddies stuck in the deeps with their sub-par snowboards. The asymetrical sidecut pulls through (as always) in the pow to make your turns tight and fast when your feeling energetic and yet smooth and surfy when your feeling a bit lazy. In overall snow performance the greats kills in all conditions.

My Bottom Line: Having your cake and eating it too. All of it.

Absolutely Great
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Hey great review! Does your board have Ultimate Grip edge effects or Tragna Maction or neither? I just ordered and received this board in 154 and it doesn't have any edge effects. I confirmed with YES / Nidecker that some boards made in their factory in Austria have no edge effects other than the asymmetrical side cut.

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I bought a 150 Greats this year from a YES dealer out here in NYC. Didn't even think to check the other boards in the shop before I left as I was too excited for my first YES board. Got it home, and noticed that my edges were normal. I emailed YES customer service and to ask if there were two versions produced this year and if I got a dud without Ultimate Grip. The response I got was as such:

"we did not produce the Greats this season with Ultimate Grip. They are however an asymmetrical board where the heel edge is deeper and shorter for more responsive heel side turns. We decided to remove the UG after we changed factories and realized that the UG was difficult to tune. So no, there are not two different Greats this season....just one and it doesn't have UG."

After my first day of riding this board, I forgot all about the Ultimate Grip!