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Aggressive to your needs

I write this as a user of the 2009 (last year's) T Rice C2 BTX 164.5 but thought I would write it here as very little has changed.

I am an aggressive rider surfing the earth since 1989; 6'0", 200 lbs., 22.5" 12 front -6 back stance, with 9.5 peds. I am a little out of shape, but I ride hard and charge as much as my body can live up to my mind's perception of what I used to rip like... I grew up in North Idaho and love steep, deep, and backcountry riding...but I now reside in Northern MN where I drive 3.75 hours with my kids every Saturday to ride 500 vert of mostly man-made groomers. But I am also able to travel to such esoteric locations as SILVERTON, CO and home (Silver Mountain, ID) most years and last year w/ my T Rice was no exception.

What does this have to do with this review? The correlation is in that the fact that the T. Rice C2 BTX 164.5 ripped it all. I found myself hucking in MN off kickers my age had no right attempting but my mind could not relinquish...because this 'long board' excelled in a 'short board' world and could take the largest Giant's Ridge had to offer and was nimble enough to spin easily and super-solid to be able to go as big as my out of shape legs could push.

In the realm of POW and big mountain riding this board truly shows it merit. Charge hard my friend, you will experience the core rider inside of you clawing to get out. Floats great (I did set back 1"), pop is explosive, rides easily switch (even with a 1" stance setback), grips (C2 BTX) like a talon, and handles aggressive riding naturally. It will take whatever you throw at it and ask for more, don't be shy with her.

I was not disappointed in this board in anyway, and I used it in a variety of conditions, locales, and situations. Fun, dynamic, phat.

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Truth ^^^^^ one of the finest all mountain decks you can buy

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Any freestyle? Dave I'm 6' at 210 lbs, did you feel the 164.5 was too long at all? Looking back do you think you may have preferred the 161? I'm sort of on the ropes as I want this board but I'm not sure which length is right for me the 161 or 164.5.

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hey kevin, did you end up getting the board? i also had the same problem, i really wanted the 161.5 but was stuck to choose between 164.5 and 157. I am 6' and about 185lbs but i charge like a motherfucker. hha anyway i was just wondering if you thought the 164.5 was too big or if it was good because of the rocker>?