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Alloy sizing

I just got a pair of these bad boys and normally need a around 35" waist, so ordered the large one, but can only *just* adjust it tight enough to hold it up with the velcro straps, so if you're wavering between a size, go one smaller.
Can't comment on anything else yet, as I'm still waiting for the snow!

Been up 4 times now and so far so good. With padding & kneepads the sizing is about right and they have stayed bone-dry although it has been below freezing at all times.
Love the angled cargo-pockets and keyclip in the left hand pocket.

(update 28/12)
Ok, got fooled by an over-optimistic snow report from Cypress yesterday and had a very wet day on the mountain and the pants stayed completely dry. My old 15k rated pants would have been soaked in crap I was riding in yesterday.

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Hey Im looking at these pants and I was just wondering what kind of build you are? Like height and weight? How big are these pants on you? Like really big? to big you would rather have a medium? On the thirty two web site, they claim these are not really a baggy pant, so im kind of confused on what size to order.

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5'8, 190lbs, stocky build. It's not a baggy pant. Weightlifting + cycling means that I got thick thighs, so regular pants in medium are rarely an option, even if the waist would fit.
I tried again with baselayer + impact shorts and I could probably get away with not wearing a belt. Again, only the waist is bigger than I expected, the rest is fine.