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Gear Review

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Another Annex That Could Start an Intervention by the UN

At 6’2”, 34 waist, I decided on the XL Grape colour and still have to wear a belt pretty tight. They do however look and feel great. I wear these with a lime green jacket and have been complimented constantly on my gear. Although I like to be bright, I am not a fan of over-the-top designs, but that is what is excellent about these pants, you can choose either.

These cater for all kinds of skiing. I always wear thermals underneath, so I have never felt too cold, even when it is puking on us in Utah, but with the 10k breathability and 15k waterproofing you will have no complaints from downstairs.

If you do start to get a little too warm, open up them vents and let Mother Nature blow a cool air around your loins.

And when it is time to head home, don’t forget the ‘Steeze Button’ !

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Steeze Button (Copyright – Me!). Inside each main pocket there is a draw string that you pull and like magic the bottom of your pants levitates and stops you treading on them! Fantastic idea.

I own two pairs of these, and I am almost buying another, but I gotta feed myself this week.

Another Annex That Could Start an Intervention by the UN