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Awesome ride, but possible factory defect

Bought this board wanting a hardcore shred machine that could handle anything. Don't know if the HP model is all that much lighter, but the top graphic is all sparkley (much cooler than the regular version) and you gotta like the basalt rock fibers instead of using fiberglass (green tech). This board has lived up to everything I expected: fast, light, and the C2 is amazing. Great carving machine, great in the powder (and I am over 210 lbs riding the 161) and the C2 adds control. Other reason I bought this board: width. It has a nice mid wide waist of 26.0 cm which is perfect for my size 11 feet. Not too big like most wide boards but not too small either.
Negatives: I've been on this board for 50 days this season... no rails... no impacts with trees... just a few scratches on the base... and yet the tail has begun to delaminate and about 50% of the edge on the toe side had begun to separate from the sidewall. I'm not sure why, there is no obvious trauma to the board. Every time I ride the gaps get wider so it is becoming dangerous.
That being said, I realize that this can happen ever so often when boards are manufactured. A day with above average humidity can be problematic in a snowboard factory. What would make this less of a pain is if the warranty service was on par. Ive sent in a warranty request with pictures of the damage and it has been almost a week with no response... there is also no phone number to contact their warranty service directly. I'm a snowboard instructor and I need my shred stick intact! I hate to say it, but sorry Lib Tech, Burton has you beat in the warranty department. Had this been a Burton board my new ride would already be in the mail, arriving tomorrow.

Update: Insert foot in mouth here... I was sending email files with too many pictures on them (25 MB total) and I guess the Lib email can only handle up to 10 MB... thus no response... Right now the board is in the mail (shipped for free from my local Lib dealer) and I hope we will have a quick turn-around. Can't wait to ride the beast some more.

Awesome ride, but possible factory defect
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Looks like an easy fix if they don't warranty your board. Go online and get West systems epoxy resin and hardener I think it's the 307 hardener, slow curing. They also sell syringes to inject the epoxy into the core. Clean the area, mix the epoxy, pour into syringe and clamp the area tightly with C clamps so the epoxy squeezes back out, clean the area and let it set. Scrape any excess and go have fun. I've ridden libs for a long time and they do tend to delam when struck, but I've got 8 years on an old JL and its still goin.

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I have a T.Rice from two years ago. First 30 or so days I had the same problem. A buddy of mine told me to bevel the top sheet of the Nose and Tail of the board with a file. Sounds kinda shitty to do to a brand new board, but if you look at Burton boards and some of the other manufacturers, you'll see that this has already been done. I hope Mervin MFG is listening... This will HELP solve the issue of de-lamination. I will be buying this board as soon as it goes on sale. First thing I'm gonna do is bevel the top sheet... Hope that helps a little. BTW, the last comment was right on, I had to do the same thing and my T.Rice still rides like a champ! Also, I tried to warranty my board as well, I was told to just fix it. There is no way to prove you didn't hit something... Peace!

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if u got it from dogfunk send it back. No questions ask returns