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Gear Review

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Best Bag I've owned

I love to travel and through the years have had quite a few sets of luggage. I've had the expensive stuff from Tumi, Victorinox (Swiss Army), Briggs & Riley, etc... But love this bag more then any of my old bags.

The first thing that you'll notice is the weight, without all of the external framing it weighs considerably less than a typical suitcase of it's size, easily 5-7 pounds less... Which meant my wife could get that much more stuff in it without worry about going over the 50 pound limit.

The split design is great as you can very easily organize everything your packing into separate compartments and get to it without having to go through everything. The mesh & softshell fabric on the inside keeps everything in it's compartment and BREATHS! So when you get home all your dirty clothes haven't created a nasty funk.

The split design also is great if you're planning on bringing a couple bottles of booze back with you from your trip. We popped a couple in that we wrapped in tee shirts to keep them from clanking together and there was plenty of padding all around them and they were secured in place with the external pull straps that they survived the trip home without any breakage.

My favorite part of the bag is the skate wheels, they are so much smoother then the typical roller blade style wheels and that little bit of extra width also makes for a much smoother platform to pull your bag along. Plus I know I can easily get replacement parts at my local skate shop instead of waiting 6 weeks like I did with Victorinox when one of my wheels broke on that bag.

As far as wear and tear goes I was pretty stoked on the condition of the bag. A few minor scrapes and scratches, but nothing was torn or ripped open. I came home through LAX and have had some bags absolutely destroyed after going through that airport. The material and structure held up great and I'm confident that it will last for years to come.

This bag is worth every penny and is a better quality then bags from companies that only produce luggage.