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Best Smith helmet yet!

The Smith Vantage is the best snowsports-specific helmet to come from Smith yet. The next iteration beyond Smith's Variant, the Vantage simply does everything better. The venting is superb: fore and aft control with each slider having three "notches" for fully open, halfway and closed. The helmet is wonderfully light and very comfortable to wear. The internal headband adjustor is easily controlled by a rear knob and the chinstrap can not only be loosened and tightened in the traditional manner, but is articulated at each point of contact with the helmet as well to allow for essentially forwards and backwards adjustment as well. The goggle holder is also truly an innovation. Not a simple strap and snap, it's more like a bungied tab that holds goggles secure while being very easy to operate.

Style-wise, Smith delivers as usual. Fans of low-profile helmets need to check out the Variant: no big bughead here! The Vantage sits at least as low as any other helmet on the market. Excellent integration with Smith goggles means zero gaper gap and absolutely no fogging thanks to the vents in the brim. That brim, by the way, is necessary to make the helmet fit with the goggles. The helmet is so low-profile that if it weren't for the brim, your goggles would probably stick out past the helmet! And did anybody mention day glo yet? DAY GLO! ON MY HEAD!

Simply put, if you are looking for a helmet at the Vantage's price point, your quest has ended RIGHT HERE. Nothing on the market is going to perform better or look steezier. The Smith Vantage: sleek, tricked-out and ready to hit the slopes!

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It's a shame when reps get on here and cut and paste in some brochure copy. Isn't this supposed to be for impartial people who have really used the product?

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I absolutely am not a Smith rep. I just write well and love the heck out of my helmet. I am pretty flattered that you thought this came from a brochure, but I'm being completely honest about how I feel. Namely, that out of all the helmets I tried on, the Vantage blew the rest out of the water and provided complete and total satisfaction for me this season. So I guess I'm sorry for any confusion, but I was just trying to be helpful.