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Gear Review

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Better than I ever expected

Not sure how I felt buying this deck because reviews have been mixed on other chat boards. Slow base, terrible pop, tech is hyped too much. Let the haters hate. Lib tech is great and thank baby jeebus, they're made in the USA. Coming from an east coaster in Maine, I'm used to variable conditions: 3 ft pow days, blue ice on 40 degree pitches, man-made groomers. At 200 lbs and 6'2", I picked up the Lib Tech TRS BTX 167 cm from Backcountry and I couldn't be happier. My Lib cherry has been popped and I'm not going back.

The BTX is not very dramatic. The Magnetraction is subdued, which isn't a bad thing. The Banana reverse camber is also mild. More of a lift in the nose than the tail however. Riding the MTX was a dream. It carved like a normal edged board- I did not notice drag or feel like the MTX took control. But on ice, or sketchy conditions, the MTX gripped like a billy goat. Hands down, I'm a big fan. The banana made me nervous because I haul. I'd rather go Mach 5 than play in the park all day. Banana was awesome! It took less energy to carve compared to riding a cambered board. Because the board is already flexed into a carve position, the deck literally rolls over into a carve w/out even having to think about it. No more bending kness together to get a cambered board to hug a carve. This thing does it naturally and it couldn't be better! The TRS locks into a carve that can be held indefinitely, but can pop out of a carve effortlessly. Amazing. Plus, riding switch has never felt more stable. The BTX is superior in all conditions. It rides up over pow and chunky ice cookies of death. The TRS just hauls over variable or changing terrain. It's like riding a full suspension mountain bike, which to me is like riding a sofa through the woods.

The base is fast. People, if you think the TNT base is slow, try waxing it yourself with some quality wax. I use Bluebird. 1 part cold temp w/ 1 part all temp. Perfect. I couldn't tell the difference between the TNT base an sintered base from other high-end boards. It's a matter of keeping a good wax on it. Bluebird is hard wax and last a long time- but that's another review all together. Lib puts the TNT bases on multiple models for a reason. It's tough and fast, and if you're lazy it doesn't NEED as much maintenance.

The TRS also pops. There's not another way to describe it. Crazy pop... off rollers, jumps, children. Just sick. Overall riding this board is fun, effortless, less strenuous..the TRS BTX dominates. I'm on the larger side (11.5 boot) and I was worried that a 167 would be huge. With a centered, wide stance, it doesn't feel huge. It's stable at fast speeds, carves, butters, and pops, but has the length for deep days. Still can't wipe the grin off my face. Go get one!