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Gear Review

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Big and heavy duty

This thing is huge! It easily holds my outwear, boots, board and bindings.

I was afraid it wold be to long for my car so I ordered the 156 for my 157 board (a dealer told me the 156 would fit a 159 board hassle free). Not a clever choice. The description is pretty true to size so the 156 only barely fits a 157 board. If you have a 156+ board I'd go for the 166 one, the middle part of the bag is flexible so the added length won't be a problem.

There is much tech going on with this bag, maybe to much. I can't figure out what pocket goes where and how to orgenize it all. I think the thing carries 2 decks and 1 full setup with scratch padding thing in between it all. I however just ended cramming it all in there.

The attachable bags work ok but wont snap into place if you have a wide stance on your board.

The skate wheels are awesome and the whole thing rolls really well. Construction is durable and the whole thing is covered in waterproof stuff so you wont soak up your car.

Bottom line: Sweet bag with much room. Can seam a little confusing with all the pockets and whatnot. True to size, bigger is better.