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Gear Review

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Burtom Custom X- Elite Dinosaur

This board isn't for me. Maybe it's "too much" board for me as I like a more playful board. Fully realizing this, I cannot slander/libel anything that's good even though it's not for me.

I've spent the last few seasons on rockered boards and don't see myself going back to camber. But if rocker has got you frowning and you demand a board that's lively, stiff and pissed- the Custom X is for you.

It has all of Burton's high end features worth mentioning before the price gets too orbital (save the T7) for no real reason (Method, vapor).

But this thing will eat the mountain alive like an angry triceratops if you let it.

I gave it 3 stars because I do not consider it to be an all 'rounder as it can't really butter or press or be playful like some of Burton's other boards. Thus, not being a 'quiver' board. And these days, I'm shying away from boards that are only good for a specific purpose.

But if you're going out on hikes, building jumps and hitting huge features with no mellow days or mini-shred inbetween, then go ahead and buy one ONLY if feel confident in such an aggressive board 100% of the time.

In choppy snow, tight trees and racing to the powder, you leave everyone else in the dust.

Also, this isn't a board that needs to be replaced year after year, it is built to last.

Glad I could clear that up. Commence your hating...