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Burton Custom-Undeniable.

The Custom has been around forever although evolved, continues remain Burton’s flagship board. Now with Flying v, it continues to evolve and kill it .
We kind of see a paradigm shift with the Custom every few years as far as which pros are riding it, and based off who those guys are; aspects of the board will consequently change as well. Like, I remember when Dave Downing rode it; it was kind of setback and freeridey if I remember.
But, if it didn’t adapt, it wouldn’t still be here.
And now it’s like that dude Mads Jonsson from Norway, who does the biggest gaps ever.
So, it’s still very much all-mountain, quiver of one type of board it always was, but very at home in the park, even on hiking rails all day if that’s what you want to do.
This board has been in Burton’s line since 1995
Since then, Burton as well as other brands have used the basic platform of those board for other boards including pro-models.
Pro-model significance has waned, the Custom lived through it all, continues to survive as a board anybody can ride.
The technology the custom uses is:
Flying V, one of the best rocker/camber hybrids out there, using subtle camber it’s hook-free and loose but packs a punch with Lightening bolts which go from beneath your feet/middle of the board, all the way to the edge, both above and below the core, woven into the glass. This absolutely kills any dead rocker feeling.
Flying V is cambered underfoot and the edge in this section has Frostbite edges, which extend out for extra bite (arrggghh, fangs). It is rockered in-between the feet and rockered out on the tips.
I learned that ‘Flying V’ was a Gibson Guitar in the 50’sm which were ‘CUSTOM’ made. Coincidence? I think not…
Flex is 5/10, really even, twin flex, smooth when you need it smooth, snappy when you need it snappy.
The Custom comes in Wide. And they also have progressively wider waist width between 7 different sizes, so they’re really proportioned well for the rider in each weight range.

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is this board good for all mountain riding AND park riding? I like to ride the entire mountain and carve and butter all the way to the park. then hit some jumps and boxes. Is this a good board for that? also, should i downsize from a regular camber board with th flying v? thanks.

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Yes, definitely very at home in the park, not the softest board out there but not so stiff you cannot press or butter. I would only size down if it doesn't mean more than three CM. I n my opinion, I do not size down for rocker boards, I buy the same size I would a camber board. Other people say otherwise but the flying-v rocker makes it less hooky and super fun not really ride bigger.

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So I used to ride a 154 destroyer camber. I'm 5'-7" and 175lbs. A 154 comes up to my mouth. Would you stick with the 154 or downsize to the 151 even though I'm sort of out of the weight range. Thanks for your help man