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Burton Sleeper Hoodie

Product Review : Burton Sleeper Hoodie
By Soren McCarty

First Impression : I needed a new hoodie for the summer, spring skiing and around town. The Burton Sleeper Hoodie has some really cool features that no other hoodies or jackets have. Leave it up to a snowboard company to revolutionize the Hooded Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is well-built, comfortable and well thought out , I will wear this until it falls off me. This Hoodie was designed for travel and has pockets for your passport, it also has an inflatable neck pillow, a eye cover , and ear plugs to quite the world , so you can get some much needed sleep , hence the name the Sleeper.

Construction : The Burton Sleeper is made out of cotton , with a mesh liner with multiple zippered pockets. The sleeves have thumb slots to keep the sleeves from riding up while you are on the hill. The hood is large enough to fill a helmet under it, the eye mask is great if you end up sleeping on a friend’s couch or on the plane. This hoodie would be great if you are in a band and driving across the country and need to grab some Z’s along the way.

Style: The Sleeper is casual but still stylish, it is comfortable and warm. With a choice of three colors you can still look stylish in this sweatshirt. Being well rested will add to your style when you land at your international destination. I have received multiple comments on the design and look of the sweatshirt , several people asked me who made the hoodie.
The Sleeper comes with a toothbrush, earplugs and an external eye mask as well, this is one of the coolest sweatshirts ever.

Field Testing : I have tested in Colorado, and although I have not yet tested it on long flights it has been useful in car rides when I wanted to sleep in the back while catching a ride to or from the mountains. It has also been useful when sleeping over at friends, the eye cover is key, when the morning sun comes blasting in the window and allows you to sleep in while couch surfing. The Hoodie was great for spring skiing, with the zippered outer pockets, you can still bring along your iPod and accessories without them falling out of your sweatshirt. It would be nice it had pit-zips, but the ventilation seems to work fairly well without them. The Sweatshirt is comfortable and fits well, it has the right length and doesn’t ride up while skiing or snowboarding.

Durability : The Sleeper Hoodie has been very durable and lived up to the test. It is cotton , so it is not going to be waterproof or extremely rugged. But because it is cotton it is very comfortable and keeps me warm in the right conditions. The sweatshirt is well built and has reinforced cuffs and a heavy-duty zipper. I look forward to using this at Red Rocks during the colder summer nights , and when camping and biking well into the fall.

Overall Impression : This is the coolest sweatshirt I have ever owned, it is well thought out and very comfortable. I had a great sweatshirt that was starting to wear out and this is the perfect replacement. The fact that it comes with a toothbrush, earplugs, and inflatable is a huge plus. The sweatshirt is great on it’s own , but to have extra comfort and style built into the hoodie is a great feature.
Sizes : S, M, L , XL , XXL ( Medium used for Testing)

Colors : Black , Grey , Green ( Black Used for Testing) I liked the Green but the Black looked better on me