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Cheap.. But NOT worth it!!

Definately NOT worth it at all.. I just recently bought these 2 weeks ago.. And im already sending them back (yesterday) because of the terrible design/construct of these bindings. They feel comfortable, and look nice.. HOWEVER the buckles on these DO NOT hold and slip a lot during tightening, VERY CHEAP DESIGN. If your someone who enjoys park riding and is on and off the lifts frequently you will get annoyed VERY quickly with this design.. Also another problem I continued to have was the locking mechanism slipping (by the way i am NOT the first to complain about this.. Read previos reviews, this is an ongoing complaint) so much it actually ate away the teeth on the straps, and smoothing the edges therefore risking slipage and possibly leading to a terrible injury just waiting to happen.

The price is GREAT on these bindings, but the design ruined it all the way for me. I DO NOT recommend these bindings to anyone.

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the only reason the buckles would slip is if you had them adjusted to the point that they were bottoming out. Hit me up and I can dial them in for you. After all, if they are strong enough for Shaun White, than they are strong enough for any of us.

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Shaun rides Missions, everyone knows that...