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Gear Review

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Yes, I constructed that word from the ether, which btw, the Master Blasters are quite adept at pushing one into the other. I digress.

First I need to point out that these are stitched from some seriously bad ass bovine organs. Which, if you'd studied the tanning process for 6-9 seconds or owned anything made from animal carcass in the past, you will know takes time to break-in.

"Oh so straight out the box, they won't massage my ears like jell-o covered in baby oil?"

No, guy who has excellent analogies, they'll take a bit before your pinna get wet at the mere mention of the NMBH. Hold on to that return, and let the death-cycle of leather take place, you instant gratification slut.

Also, the articulation of the cups is the envy of every cirque-yoga-gymnast this side of the Himalayas (Which side? Doesn't matter, you're on both). I wear these like deadmau5 on a three-day bender, glitchmob at the after party, and bassnectar on a bad day. Hell I even toss 'em on backwards when I want to blow my left brain clear over to my right. It's synergy.

I purchased these off WM, to replace a pair of Shure SE425's, that some genetic tailing pond reject decided to liberate from my tympanic tyranny. Those sick little buggers were part of the Occupy my ear movement, you douche! Anyhow, I can attest the nixon's push more air (bass) into my head and make me look tons sillier. They're damn clear too, but without the benefit of a side by side deathmatch, I'd venture the Shure's were crisper high-end. They fit slightly less well underneath my motorcycle helmet, but they definitely let those around you know you don't care to hear their thoughts, and probably can't even hear your own.

Had I paid full price, I would probably choose the Shure's, but it was time for a change, and since Obama's not bringin' it my way, I went old school with NIXON. (Didn't see that coming, eh?)

Turn. it. up.