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Color Confusion

Anyone whose about to order the Burnt Greens color, a word of advice, call Dogfunk and make sure it's actually the grey/blue color they are going to ship you. I ordered the Burnt Greens color thinking I would get what is shown in the picture but I was mistaken. Special Blend & Dogfunk both say the Burnt Greens color should be grey/blue so how I got these pants is a mystery seeing how no product that Special Blend sells is this color. Just a word of advice to any potential buyers to try and save you 2 hours worth of phone calls. Dogfunk is shipping me another pair of the Burnt Greens with confirmation that they are in fact the grey/blue pair so I will update when I get them.
*UPDATED* So after dealing with all this nonsense and confirmation that I would in fact receive the correct pants shown in the picture to no surprise I was shipped the exact same pair of pants I got in the first place. Seriously Dogfunk what's going on over there ? The only reason Im gonna change this from 1 star to 2 is only because they made it somewhat right and are getting me a discounted pair ASAP but honestly Im gonna be a little more hesitant to order anything else threw Dogfunk.

Color Confusion