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Hey guy's I've heard a lot of great things about these bindings and they seem to match the style of riding im going for. Do you know if they will come out with any other colors? I'm not really feeling either of the ones shown right now lol..

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Also.. the pic says Purple/Green.. and the other Black/Gray.. but its CLEARLY not gray. It's very much orange. Anyone know what the deal with that is?

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the highback is a lighter black then the rest of the binding. Yeah it's wack but that's how companies do it. If you look at some jackets from certain brands, it happens on there too - a colour that's pretty irrelevant will show up in the item description.
anyways, nope. Those are the two colour schemes this year. Acid Green-Purple and Black-Orange. I'm with you, I'm not really down for these colours this year, but it's either you get them and learn to love them or you don't ride. If you're really not down, you should check out the flites. They're only a little heavier, but they're just as stiff. The Highback is slightly more flexible on the flite binding as well, and they heelcup is a different material, though still just as strong. Give it a shot, you'll love them