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Comfort and Quality Without Looking Like Dan Akroyd

Not much more to say that hasn't been said by all the guys below. Sick helmet. Great protection, more than ample heat wise, and it doesn't make you look like Dan Akroyd in the Coneheads. I have tried out just about every brands audio helmet out there(Red Hi-Fi, Pro-Tec Assault, and a Bern that I forget the name of) and this bucket was DEFINATELY the best feeling for my head and felt the sturdiest as well. Weird enough though - I was wearing a L in every other brand and a S with this helmet? I don't know why and don't think this is normal that they run so big, but thats just my experience. The S fit me perfectly. I also love the goggle strap clip - its a very solid piece of plastic that is not gonna break any time soon. It is also actually functional and easy to use because it has a spring loaded clothes pin type of mechanism instead of a retarded button clip or flimsy paperclip type of connection to hold the goggle strap. The only issues I have had is that the good quality parts make this helmet a tad heavier than the others I have tried, and after a year of eating snow the connector inside of the earpiece doesn't connect perfectly anymore so the music will cut in and out at times. I was able to jimmy rig it just fine with a zip tie and it works without any issues now, but I definately put this helmet through hell before it started to malfunction. The only other bummer is the volume mechanism. I like some other brands that put a mute on one of the earpieces instead of halfway down the audio cord because when I want to talk to a homie on the lift I have to dig through my jacket to find the little volume control. The audio is not as good as my set of Skyllcandy Ink'd earbuds, but lets be realistic - what over the ear phones are under $75? I would trade the sound for the convenience of it being built into the helmet any day! Since I imagine that most people are getting a helmet it is for protection, don't let my little pet peeves steer you away - I still give the helmet a 5* rating and would not buy any other helmet out there currently if/when I need another one.

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It's possible the other helmets you were using were Youth Larges, and now you have an Adult Small. Are your hats generally a 6 7/8 (snug) or up to 7 1/4 (loose)?