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Contrabands Conquered!

I got these bindings after sending back my brand new Nitrane Contrabands to Dogfunk. While I love the one strap system and have ridden Contrabands for a few years now, the Nitranes wouldn't fit to my boots. The problem with Contrabands is that as the years progress, the toe strap seems to get worse. The only way I see Contrabands getting better is if they take all the new stuff they have thrown into the bindings and keep the original toe strap on it. I got these because I wanted a change up in the one strap system. I was a little skeptical about getting these bindings because I had heard that the toe strap slowly tightens less and less. I have only had these for 2 months now and have only been doing dry-land training, but haven't had any problems with them. They seem to be a good solid binding! They have "canted footbeds" which for me is a MUST after riding Contrabands with them. They are very easy to set up and don't take you an hour or more like the Contrabands did. The harshmellow is a great padding system which works well on their bindings as their boards. I have a K2 Jibpan which has Harshmellow in the board as well. Excellent dampening reduces chatter and keeps you solid at higher speeds. The only thing that scares me about these bindings is that the chassis is plastic and not metal. While the plastic reduces weight, it may not be durable enough. Only time will tell. So far I have found 0 flaws about these bindings. K2 has really stepped up and made some amazing products.