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So I am torn on this one but reality is reality so I have to deal with that. This boot rides really well, it offers flex but only to a certain point.....then kicks in suport where you need it. Definitely a big mountain boot for sure, even though when you flex it initially it feels soft. Well done on DC's part for sure. The boot kills it.

HOWEVER (and this is where the reality kicks in) it does not fit like other DC boots.........like at all. I have a narrow foot, high running calves and thin shins and ankles, and a flat instep (bridge of foot). This is pretty much on par or the exact geometry that DC boots cater too, but the status is different. The Status does not cater to this shape at all. IF YOU ARE wide footed, have a big instep and calves that run lower in your leg or thick shins......this is your boot.

I rode these for a day and my foot was washing inside the boot like crazy. I am bummed, even though I enjoyed the flex and performance, the fit is not right for me. When going back country and hiking, it would not serve me well with the room I had, blister central.

IN CONCLUSION - Awesome performance of a boot, just make sure it fits your body geometry. If it does, I highly reccommend it.

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I noticed the same thing. I have the soccer player legs (see: girly ankles), and usually wear a 9.5 in other DC boots, so I tried this in a 9.5.

It felt like there was a lot of slop, so I tried adding an extra insole. Better, but for this price, I don't want to jury rig anything.

I'm ordered the 9, and my foot fits MUCH better. Quite snug, to be sure, but I'm going to be backcountry touring on a splitboard for most of my turns, so I'd like my boots to fit more like ski boots than loose shoes.

I'll continue to wear around the house until I make my decision.

Just wanted to confirm your assessment for the skinny legs / narraw foot / flat(ish) foot crowd.