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Design it yourself headphone

These headphones feel great on my small head. I had no pressure points after wearing them for extended periods of time and the fit is snug enough that it I don't have to crank up my music to not have to hear that crying baby on an airplane . The white color is matte which accepts any type of paint to it's surface. When I painted my headphones I used an acrylic paint (water based paint that you can get at Michael's) The white plastic surface allows for intricate applications and holds paint well without cracking, even on the ear pads and headband. I clear coated mine to make sure nothing would chip and I have been pleased for about a month now with no signs of chipping or paint flaking.

I would rate the sound quality of these headphones as a B+. For me that is super good for the price point. The only disappointment for me is the coiled extender cord, it's bulky and heavy. But if your sitting at a desk all day it will not bug you. Overall I love the idea of making these headphones one of a kind. I just wish I could wipe them down like a dry erase board after a month and do it again.

Design it yourself headphone