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I ride a lot of the wasatch slackcountry and was stoked when i ordered this board being that Rossignol dubbed this board a ripper. I have rode this board for a month and have already broke the deck in two spots on the nose and tail both of which are not covered by the warranty. I guess this board is good if you stick to the park, ride crud, or step lightly. I would not recommend this board if you like to drop decent sized resort access sidecountry lines, slash deep pow (the board crumbles), or go down the mountain as fast as possible. I also think Rossignol should stand by the products they manufacture and make things right with the people who pay hard earned money for their subpar attempts at snowboarding.

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Justin just buy your stuff at backcountry and you won't have warranty issues. They're return policy rules and I have several friends with this board who love it... Same manufacturer as Lib Tech and GNU and they seem to be getting a lot of love. One isolated review/incident shouldn't turn people away from this board.

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What did you hit? A tree? A snowboard just doesn't fall apart on deep pow. Come on you gotta have a little more sense than that.

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I completely disagree. I ride a 2010 angus and it is tough as nails. I ride pretty much exclusively steeps and slackcountry at Taos. This year it was super thin cover. I've slashed over rocks, branches etc... I've generally not babied this bastard, and it has been super SICK in all regards. Really really good board. I would completely, but respectfully disagree with shaak's review as a comment on this board.

I highly highly recommend this board. The absolutely only negative thing I could say is that its a tiny bit heavy, but at the price backcountry has it up for, its a steal!!!