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Gear Review

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Dont judge headphones by their look

Yes i am like most people and do judge everything intially by looks. But i like to think that i am the type of person where that only last a moment then I get on with my life and think "Nothing is as it seems." SO TRUE WITH THESE HEADPHONES. i mean just look at them. For most people (Like me) I saw these and said "Man these things are ugly and plastic... why would anyone buy them? These things are much more amazing then they look. Heres what i have come to find:
Super light Weight (It is like ur holding a pencil they are that light)
The earpad things- Omg they arent hard plastic. They are supper soft and squish and they stick to beanies amazingly well.
Looks- They are plain compared to skullcandies but the goldenrod stand out and i love their brightness
sound quality- Nothing to go bragging to your friends about but it is crystal clear and good for riding to. Not something i would wear if i was actually just focused on the music.
DONT BE FOOLED. These are amazing headphones and i suggest trying them over the skullcandy icons anyday. Well worth the extra money