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Gear Review

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First and the best by far....

I bought these sukkas because I was over having the Apple style in-ear buds to listen to my music and was sick of the stabbing in the ears.

Skullcandy are renowned for their quality product and they sure deliver on these as well. For such a cheap product, they don't skimp on the quality. The head phones fit like a glove on any size head with their adjustable height and can stretch wide enough, even for the largest melon heads.

Durability is also a key point to these headphones and can bend in almost any which-way with its almost rubber like construction. These bad boys also come with a pretty decent length of "rope like" cord, giving you enough slack to play with.

Skullcandy Have also incorporated the inbuilt microphone and call button which is a step up from the last Icon Headphones they had out. They also come with another pair of skins, just in case you want to mix it up a bit.

Sound quality is pretty reasonable for something of this price. You get all the spectrum, from the heavy basslines that you might play or the highs of a screaming solo, they've got the whole spectrum covered.

Get them on your melon and get out there.