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First impressions

OK, so I've ridden mainly Burton and Lib Tech boards for the past 2 decades and purely based on Never Summer's reputation for building a great product, I figured I'd give them a try. I ordered the Heritage from BC and it just arrived today...it really makes a positive first impression, in fact I was blown away.

As an engineer I'm typically very critical of new boards and their little flaws but on the Heritage the craftsmanship is flawless and it just doesn't feel like a mass produced board. The real test will be in the riding, and I'll add a comment once I've done so, but I'm optimistic right now. :)

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I was up for a few hours today and had a blast; conditions were soft pack and groomers, and this board really performed well. I could hold an edge without any washing out on exits, and the board carved very well.

I rode a Lib Tech Dark Series C2BTX last season and my biggest beef was it's inability to carve and really hold an edge when going fast...that and it weighted a ton. The Magne Traction was too intrusive, especially when on the flats.

The Heritage is a HUGE improvement for both of these; the variable edges they use works much better and it offers progressional grip so the faster and harder you are on an edge, the more it digs. The board is also a lot lighter according to feel on the chairlift, and my bathroom scale.

I'm looking forward to riding this in crud. I know it will do well in fresh powder because of the rocker, but the best thing about the Dark Series was that even after the runs have been tracked and chewed up, and the snow firms up, it plowed through it all. It's an amazing feeling to mow through crud as fast as I'd charge fresh powder, and I'm hoping the Heritage has the same ability.