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Gear Review

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First time with tunes on the hill

I installed these in my Variant Brim over my last ski trip, and used them to play back songs from my iPhone. Good idea, imperfect execution tho:

Pro's -
1) Sounds pretty good, surprisingly good even. Balanced, with a lot more bottom end than I expected.
2) Quick disconnect is really nice when stopping for a beer / snack / snog.
3) Simple controls work well, even in gloved hands

Con's -
1) The added bulk in the Variant's ear pad / liner makes the helmet pinch my ears slightly. Not enough to require a change of helmet or audio system, but enough to make me "annoyed"
2) The button doesn't answer iPhone calls (although it does work as a speaker / mic once you answer the phone). This means that a ringing phone requires a dive into the layers to press "answer." Not a big problem, as when I am skiing, I don't like to answer the #$%$ phone... only J#$k@#$es do that ;-)

Overall, totally loved it. The ease of control meant I could rip with my tunes... and still convince my wife I was paying attention to her!