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Flow Bindings Rock

Best Flow binding I've ever owned. Very stiff and responsive. Not too much heavier than the other Flow bindings I own either. And they look awesome on my 2011 NS Heritage-X. I incurred only one issue with them so far. The highback cable tensioner system is a little different than on my other Flow bindings. There is not enough tension on the adjustment dial used to adjust the tension on the highback cable and it tends to loosen after just one or two runs. I found I had to readjust frequently. I contacted Flow Warranty to see if mine were defective, but it is just the way they are manufactured. I resolved the issue by simply putting blue Loctite on the threads of the adjustable hammer that pushes up on the cable and they stay in place now after a whole day of aggressive boarding. A small spring added to the threaded shaft might add enough tension to keep the adjustment dial from loosening on its own. I currently have 2008 M9's on my Arbor Coda board, 2009 M9's on my Flow Merc Board and now I have these on my 2011 NS Heritage-X board. I bought a pair of used M11's from my friend and threw them on an old K2 board for my teenage son to use as he is just beginning snowboarding. I have never had any other issues with Flow bindings and would never switch to any other brand. I've read many of the negative comments posted at BC and other sites about Flow bindings and I can't understand most of them. Just like any other finely tuned machine, a little maintenance now and then to make sure all of the bolts and screws are tight before venturing out into the BC resolves most issues. As for those that find it difficult to get into them on steep hills, just face the mountain on your toe edge, lean forward and shove your foot in and lock and load. Ya, your gloves might be in the snow for a mere 5 seconds, but it beats sitting down and ratcheting in like 95% of the other boarders, when I am boarding 10 seconds after getting off the lift while everyone else is still fixing there bindings. All of my friends use Flow bindings and we are huge advocates of Flow bindings here in Japan.

Flow Bindings Rock