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Freestyle Boot, Zero Support

It is hard to give these boots an honest rating because of the great reviews so many others have given them. I agree that the boot is comfortable, warm, and very flexible. But the flexibility also means a total lack of support. If you are an aggressive rider by any means, or do any riding besides lapping the 400 vertical feet of park, DO NOT BUY THESE. Honestly, I am very disappointed in the total lack of support. Some would tell me that is what to expect from a "freestyle" boot, but these leave you no options of riding anywhere on the mountain, not even a cruise down a groomer from top to bottom on the mountain. I wouldn't describe these as just a freestyle boot, they are a beginner freestyle boot. I am an advanced rider, I do a lot of freestyle riding, but right now I am being held back by these boots and their lack of support. As one example, after an aggressive run through the super pipe I have to take a break for longer than the run was, just to let my feet catch up. I have been riding for 15 years and this purchase was very disappointing. The term "freestyle" should not be used if it cannot support any type of advanced or aggressive freestyle riding.