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From my perspective

I'm sure the pants fit fine and I like the style, however, I find out through some research with a Volcom retail store that the pants (all styles) are only 1% organic cotton. To me it seems like in the Tech Spec's it says 99% organic cotton which is not true...and when I spoke with one of the chat helpers they said that the pants were, and when I asked them to check they said someone from the wherehouse would send me a picture of the back label...but they never did. So, if you are looking for truly eco pant's... 1% to me does not really cut it...and the only reason I don't recommend is because as of today these tech specs are still misleading.

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Hey "From my Perspective." You're not very good at reading. In the Tech Specs it says "[Selvage] Selvage denim; [V-Co.logical] 99% Organic cotton, 1% spandex; [Bleach Out] regular denim." See that? V-CO LOGICAL: 99% ORGANIC COTTON. Now I'm looking in my Volcom catalog and it says the same thing. Nice "research."

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Don't give them 2 stars because you're illiterate, dude. The ORGANIC jeans are 99% organic cotton, the others aren't. Says so right there in the specs.

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Hey Shredwise, unfortunately you're the one who isn't very good at reading. He clearly said that he heard "at a retail store" that the pants are only 1% organic cotton, which made him think that your Specs are incorrect. Although I do agree that he is probably wrong about that point.

Anyways, these jeans are awesome, they fit really well, especially for a tall guy like myself.