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Aerial7 has done it again. Aerial7 is a new brand that headphones all carry the same logo that happens to look like the "above the influence" logo. I happen to also have the Tank model in shade color. The tanks themselves are amazing and if you are looking for pristine sound quality at a good price i recommend those (39.99 at a popular auction site).

Although, if you are willing to spend more money and really need to hear everything in a track or if you just really REALLY love music then the Aerial7 royale (bourbon especially) are for you. I have these in bourbon because I did not want to get the absolute fore white would get dirty easily.

Sound: First off the sound is phenomenal, as stated these are luxury headphones and they do sound great. The bass is very clean and doesnt drown out the rest of the music. The highs ca be heard at especially high volumes and the mids are very clear as well.

Comfort: The royale's feature a full grain leather ear cushions and a luxury headband. Both together are very comfortable even if you are not listening to music. The adjustable metal headband is very durable and can adjust to any size and even the larger of heads.

Durability/build quality: Amazing tough headphones, dont rattle much and a bit on the heavy side.

Overall: Although on the pricey-er side these headphones are stellar but if you are just an everyday listener and you want something more affordable the tanks will do justice as well. Overall highly recommended especially if they are at a sale price.

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