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Get Some Unions

They are solid bindings, i like the adjustability and the beer coozies but thats about it. I have already had to warranty my toe straps two times, the paint started chipping within the second day of riding, and my heel strap will undo mid-air...WTF. if im paying top dollar for some bindings give me good quality bindinds. they do have good warranty support and im a big Rome fan, but honestly never getting their bindings again. Go with some Unions.

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Sounds like you got bindings that were too small, bro.
Do the math. Toe straps breaking. Ankle straps coming off.
No other reason than a binding that's too small.
Also, Paint chipping is irrelevant to the binding's performance. That just means your riding hard. It's a battle scar.

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well then Rome needs to maybe work on their sizing charts. and when i pay over 200 bucks for some bindings, they shouldnt fkcin chip like nail polish

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Brandon. Gabe is right, these SDS are the first Rome bindings ive ever owned. I was always a fan of the K2 Indy's.

Im having no problems with these what so ever, get a bigger pair. yours are obvs too small if that keeps happening. the issues you're listing, are in fact no way Romes fault, But your own.

you paid $200? lmfao i got these for under 150$ :DDDDDDDDDDD