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Gear Review

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Good Sound, Flawed Design

I was initially excited about these headphones when I saw them online, and really they actually are excellent if you are looking for a pair of headphones with good sound. All my music sounded robust and it had just the right amount of bass. The headphone also has an innovative volume control in which you rotate the outermost ring of the ear pad.
As for the design of these headphones, the memory foam ear pads are a bit stiff and large. They tend to sit a bit tight against an average side head and have an awkward look to them when you are wearing them. They basically do not have that natural curve around your head like one is normally used to, but instead look as if you are stretching them to fit. They look almost squished when have them on. This might have been remedied with adjusting the length of the sides, but that only lead to the head cushion lifting off my head and exerting more pressure on your ears.
There is also significant sound leakage due to the fact that the memory foam has no device to direct the sound straight to the ear, but it instead in all directions. Consequently, these headphones should not be worn in places where people are in close proximity. I intended to wear them on the bus on my way to class every day, by but the leakage was noticeable even with my Ipod on half volume and I was disturbing a majority of the riders around me.
In conclusion, these headphones have great sound but suffer from design flaws that make them uncomfortable and unable to be worn in public.