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Gear Review

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Good Stuff

It's Great concept and good product but... it could use a little work. Looks great and works well for the most part but a few things take stop it from being excellent.

It does a good job with wind and really cold but can get damp and heavy when in snow or getting a face full of pow. It's also not breathable enough to be something you can wear all day, unless it a windy or freezing.

When it gets damp or you don't have the air hole in a good place it can be hard to breath through. Most days it turns into a lift mask, take off quickly.

The Velcro closure is rocks and is a big part of what makes it work and a good product. The hook side can stick to itself sometimes and it can be hard to get back on when quickly or in a pinch. Although I wear a helmet and it tends to complicate everything.

All that being said, it's always with me when I ride. I usually wear it on cold morning and take it off when it warms up, keeps my neck and face warm. It's very secure, yet can be removed quickly and goes on quickly (most of the time) as well. But can smother a little at time. Over all I say get one if your looking for something to keep you warm but isn't going to be worn all day.