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Good boot but inside cushions can irritate

I just bought these boots this winter and boarded with them a few times. I like the power lacing and the inner boot that velcro's up, however there are 2 pads on the inside of the inner boot that I think are supposed to hold your heel/achilles tendon. I don't have a very prominent achilles tendon and the pads end up scraping against my ankle. After a while it feels like a rug burn and can be really uncomfortable.

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I would recommend getting snowboard socks that have a little extra cushion in the ankle area, that will stop that. I had that problem before, but I just sized down a half size and that fixed it for me. I always size down half a size from street shoe. They will pack out in the heal and the toes. I have small ankles so packing out in the heal is no good for me. but a tid bit of info. 8 and 8.5 will have the same liner size, it is the actual boot that has different sizes

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I have these boots and I had the exact same problem. Some days it would be so bad I'd have to call it quits early because I was in so much pain. I tried everything to fix it from thick socks to heel inserts but nothing worked. I wont be buying another pair of Burton boots that have these ankle pads again. I rocked these boots for two seasons because I couldn't afford new ones, but even when they were completely broken it it didn't make a difference. I'd recommend not getting boots with these ankle pads!!!