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Gear Review

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Good stuff

Have had these bindings for a couple months now and I could not be happier first thing right off the bat I noticed with these bindings is comfort. The ankle strap is so comfortable very well padded but still responsive. The binding has good lateral movement when shifting and pressing but forward and back response is there too love it . The bindings do chip fairly easy paint wise but hey this ain't no fashion statement they do the job and that's that. One thing I noticed that was a super easy fix was the toe straps have 2 positions you can snap them in meaning the part that connects to the bindings. I position mine on the position closer to the center of the bindings and at times when strapping in the position moves to the forward position so I gotta slide and pop back into the back position. For people with a 10+ boot this wont be a issue because you will have to be in the furthest out position for the rest do what I did rolled a small piece of black tape and put it under the adjustment part to keep it in place problem solved in a min.

I use these bindings for a backup all mtn binding and also on mellow days when when my super stiff bindings aren't needed and its a dream to step into these. Mostly I use these bindings for park riding, med-lg kickers and they hold up great

Highly recommend