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Great Binder If You Are Stuck With Channel

If the board that you are in love with is a Burton and you are stuck with the Chanel system, these bindings will be great for you.I have used many Burton bindings, and these are my favorite so far. They are fairly sturdy although they are about 95% plastic. The straps are pretty comfortable, and the ratchet system is solid. That having been said, I would MUCH rather be throwing down on a pair of Unions or even Forums instead of these.The Chanel system is a great idea, but you have to tighten the hell out of the bolts and even still they seem to move around on me from time to time. Ill look at my feet and my back foot will be at positive 5 degrees, and I think, "what the heck happened!?" Also, the strap fabric has started to come apart a little bit on me after only 6 days on the bindings, but some initial wear marks should be expected, I just hope they don't continue to come apart.Overall the flex is a little stiffer than my Union Forces, but is a good medium all mountain flex for me. I have these paired with my Easy Livin Flying V and they compliment each other nicely. My size 8.5 boots fit perfectly in the Mediums. Also, the white color look sweet, but the white suede fabric on the ankle strap gets dirty and turns tan/brown very quickly! They are my favorite and completely functional binders if you are stuck with Burton's Channel system, but if you can get out of it, look elsewhere for better function and durability.

3 Months Later... My left toe strap ratchet fell off at the lift once...literally just popped off (thank heavens I found it chilling right there after riding back) and a few weeks later, the spring in the same ratchet is sprung, so it still works to tighten the toe strap, but is constantly stuck at an open position and looks retarded. Also, the white plastic turns yellow if you leave the board exposed to the sun on your rack for more than a day. BUT I have changed my opinion about the channel system. Once you get it tightened down right, the channel is the shiznit! Super easy for switching stances for friends to ride your board, or swapping bindings between your boards. Also, GREAT board feel.