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Gear Review

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Great Bindings.

Just received the 2008/2009's in the mail a couple weeks ago so i havent been up on the slopes yet. I can definitely expect these to be better than my previous pair of K@ Cinch bindings, which I loved though.

The strap is very well padded and kinda gooey which is nice. The straps are totally better than previous versions in that there is adjust ability on both sides so you can center up the padding.

The toe strap is kind of interesting. For a couple years now I have been wanting toe straps, but didnt want to give up my K2 Cinch bindings. Now that these finally came with toe straps I decided to upgrade, but I'm not entirely sure they are the best upgrade. In theory I love them, but in practice I think I am going to end up having to fix them to be centered (front/back) on my toe each time I step into the bindings. This is one thing I never had to do with my previous cinch's, but I guess its a small price to pay if they are more comfortable.

The only thing I dislike is the new center plate which was previously metal, and now plastic. I understand this will cut down the weight of things, but I think they should have went with something more like a light weight aluminum or something.

Bottom line, I would suggest these bindings in a heartbeat. With my previous K2 Cinch's I was the first one up and locked in and boarding down the mountain, and I expect these to be no different.